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What is Cryptocurrency?

Not sure what the nuts and bolts are when it comes to cryptocurrency mining? You may have never even heard of “mining” cryptocurrency. Furthermore, you may still be asking what exactly is a cryptocurrency. All of these questions are normal to ask. This market is so new and so different in contrast to conventional finance. You can put your worry at ease because we have already done the research for you. Let us help you understand the potential Alpha Source is providing in cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurency?

As the term implies, cryptocurrency is another version of money. It’s digital money that has proven to be secure and more importantly, exponentially potent in value. This currency exists on a system called a blockchain. As there are a wide number of cryptocurrencies, each cryptocurrency uses its own unique blockchain. Simply put, a blockchain is no more than a growing network of virtual logs and records. Like an expanding ledger that is shared across a network of computers. The information (or cryptocurrency) on the ledger is securely linked between computers using cryptography. For our purposes we do not need to go much deeper than this to understand what we do here at Alpha Source.

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