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David Eskes

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Kyle Harless



          Alpha Source™ is more than just a quality supplement company. We are a humanitarian service based team who's deep passion is to educated, motivate, and challenge those who desire a healthier lifestyle. No matter your age, gender, weight, illness or status we challenge ourselves to see that you exceed your goals. We see this as the best way to give back the blessings that have been brought to us.


          Alpha Source is an Arizona based company founded in 2016 by Kyle Harless. In 2020, 100% equity of Alpha Source was transferred over to David Eskes Jr. Though we still continue our retail services through this website, Alpha Source is now providing a wider scope of services to include fitness training with a direct hands on approach to the promotion of health and wellness as well as life-skill mentorship. 

          As a supplement and apparel company, Alpha Source LLC was located in a small office setup in Mesa, Az. Working in partnerships with wholesale supplements and apparel companies, the majority of sales transactions took place through the AlphaSource1 website, mailing products to its customers directly from the manufacturers’ location. Making the bulk of its profits through its pre-workout formula and its apparel line, Alpha Source built a great reputation within the gym community where its apparel was often seen throughout the Phoenix area. Working in Partnership with New Freedom, Alpha Source Training offices will be located onsite at New Freedom, with an Alpha Source representative present at all times during business hours.

          The Alpha Source Training team will be led by its owner, David Eskes. David has been involved with training clients since 2007. He received his mentorship through highly respected military trainers, as well as being trained by the best in the high profile athletic community. Since becoming a trainer, he has worked with a variety of clients ranging from inmates to wildland firefighters and Army/National Guard soldiers needing to meet their qualifying standards. Everyone on the Alpha Source Staff will be certified through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), the gold standard in fitness certifications.

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